Ewa Dziarnowska

This resting, patience

Dates and time:
SATURDAY 31/8 19.00 - 22.00


MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

This resting, patience

Part ghostly repository of unconsumed sensuality, an installative kinetic fadeout, part somatic (strip)tease, This resting, patience addresses attraction, voluntary objectification, proximity and the aesthetics of bareness. Employing an experimental format, it upsets the passivity of installation and the time-delineation and dramaturgical resolution of performance and steps away from the tradition of viewing dance as an alienated spectacle to instead emphasize its immanent sociability. In its devotion to the body, This resting, patience proposes sensuousness and dancing as timeless and democratically available technologies of undoing the world and projecting the continuous present into a future that lasts; forever suspended and unfolding, quintessentially tender,
infatuated, attentive.

By: Ewa Dziarnowska
With: Leah Marojević
Sound: Krzysztof Bagiński
Light: Jacqueline Sobiszewski
Costume / styling: Nico Navarro Rueda, Franziska Acksel
Dramaturgical support: Jette Büchsenschütz
Artistic dialogue: Suvi Kemppainen
Photos: Spyros Rennt
Video documentation: Margarita Maximova
With thanks to: Maciej Sado

Ewa Dziarnowska

Ewa Dziarnowska (PL) is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin and working internationally.
Her latest projects, “This resting, patience”, and “Untitled.Solo”, engage with the ideologies of improvisatory processes and embodied knowledge in countering the prevailing need for rationality, linearity and sense-making. She is interested in a poetic dimension of dance, its inherent sensuality as well as the pleasure and pain it brings along. Feral, rough and raw, but not devoid of precision and expertise in relation to movement technique(s), her practice challenges ways in which dance circulates within the context of bourgeois theatrical conventions and product-oriented entertainment industry. Ewa is a graduate of SEAD, Salzburg and HZT Berlin and a 2015 DanceWEB scholarship recipient. As a performer, most recently she has worked with Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Michele Rizzo, Enad Marouf, Isabelle Schad and Sheena McGrandles.

Vaginal David

Magnificent Product

Dates and time:
WEDNESDAY 4/9 20.00 - 22.00


MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

Magnificent Product

Vaginal Davis’s cinerama movie experience is coming to MDT! Please join Ms. Davis for an annotated screening of Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz and Miloš Forman’s Hair. Indeed, the year is 1979—it feels like yesterday! The cinematic extravaganza is co-hosted by MDT and Moderna Museet, in collaboration with My Wild Flag.

The exhibition “Vaginal Davis: Magnificent Product” is initiated by Moderna Museet and extends across several locations in Stockholm: Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Accelerator, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Tensta konsthall and MDT (Moderna Dansteatern). Each institution highlights a different aspect of Vaginal Davis’s expansive practice.

Vaginal Davis 

Award-winning artist, acclaimed author and international blacktress Vaginal Davis is coming to Stockholm. In her pioneering and incredibly diverse oeuvre, punk meets glamour, queer activism meets racial justice and resistance meets joy.“Magnificent Product” is her first major solo exhibition at Moderna Museet. In this “magnificent product”, which unfolds at Moderna Museet and other art institutions in Stockholm, you are invited to see Ms. Davis’s expansive practice from all angles." – Hendrik Folkerts, Curator

To read more about Vaginal Davis exhibition at Moderna Museet, please follow the link below

Tiran Willemse

Untitled (Nostalgia, Act 3)

Dates and time:
THURSDAY 5/9 20.00 - 21.00


MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

Untitled (Nostalgia, Act 3)

In Untitled (Nostalgia, Act 3) the South-African born, Europe based choreographer Tiran Willemse

invokes his own multiple histories of dance through a kaleidoscope of the 19th century ballet classic

Giselle, the Kuduro from Angola, and the Nigerian genre Alanta. The ghost story of Giselle becomes

the primary vehicle through which Willemse gives his past selves space to be as they are - ghosts, not

dead, who have not left fully, though they may have been asked to. Both an exercise and an

exorcism, Untitled (Nostalgia, Act 3) is an evocation of Black experience within European contexts,

and a thinly veiled masquerade of its absurdities. As differently gendered bodies claim space for

expression, their haunting simultaneously haunts cisnormativity.

What bubbles to the surface may be headless but it's not shy. The emerging dance is simultaneously

a solo by Willemse and an ensemble performed with the unresolved tensions that move him. In

limbo between presence and absence, these bodies -rendered invisible, suppressed, (as certain

histories often are) invited, or not- have nevertheless come back to reclaim Willemse’s body. These

multiple consciousnesses are given the room to rehearse both as and with Willemse, a repétition

(rehearsal) with a difference.


Concept, Artistic Direction & Performance: Tiran Willemse

Dramaturgy: Andros Zins-Browne

Music: Tobias Koch

Choreographic Advice: Laurent Chétouane

Light design: Fudetani Ryoya

Production: Paelden Tamnyen, Rabea Grand

Co-production: Gessnerallee Zürich, Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Center, Lausanne

Supported by: Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia, Schweizerische

Interpretenstiftung SIS, Migros-Kulturprozent

Tiran Willemse

Tiran Willemse is a dancer, choreographer and researcher from South-Africa based in Zurich and Berlin. His performance based practice is rooted in a careful attention to space, imagination, gesture and sound, focusing on how they relate to the ways in which construction of race and gender are performed, communicated and challenged. He worked and collaborated with Trajal Harrell, Meg Stuart, Jerome Bel, Ligia Lewis, Eszter Salamon, Susanne Linke, Andros Zins-Browne and with Cullberg Ballet under Deborah Hay and Jeftha Van Dither. His work has been shown in Arsenic Lausanne, Impulstanz Vienna, Tanzquartier Wien, Gessnerallee Zurich, Sophiensaele Berlin, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Santarcanagelo festival and MCBA in Lausanne and continues touring internationally.

Marga Alfeirão


Dates and time:
SATURDAY 7/9 20.00 - 21.00


MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30


The word “lounge” is both a verb, meaning to sit or lie in a relaxed way, and a noun, meaning a public room where people may relax. Lounging is both an action and a place, a space that you shape and inhabit and savour. This dual nature of rest, of waiting, of moving and

being moved. is at the heart of this piece. Lounge is a duet for two female-identifying bodies.

Together they move through states of active and passive rest, shifting from reclining and

positioning themselves, to finding pleasure in the duration of repetitive motions. The lounge as a public as opposed to solitary space is also important here. The performers use each other’s presence to go deeper into themselves and into the vibe. Permeating the piece is the notion of the Invisible Lapdance, consisting of small, nearly imperceptible dances that use the gaze to blur the borders between the giver and receiver. This choreographic strategy highlights and interrogates the relationship between dancer and audience, public and private, seeing and being seen. Sensuality is integral to this piece, and

consequently so too is atmosphere. 


Choreography, performance and concept: Marga Alfeirão

Development and performance: Mariana Benenge, Myriam Lucas

Music and live mixing: Shaka Lion

Set design: Yoav Admoni

Lighting design:  Thais Nepomuceno Veiga

Support on distribution: neon lobster / Giulia Messia & Katharina Wallisch

A production by Marga Alfeirão in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE (Berlin) 

Thanks to: Francisca Spuzi

Marga Alfeirão

Marga Alfeirão(Lisbon,1994) uses media to carve safe-spaces for the exploration of intimacy and sexuality through dance and performance. Heavily inuenced by dance-genres and sound textures from the african diaspora disseminated through Lisbon’s social tissue, she attempts an active claim of womanhood, making room for lesbian sensualities.

In 2023 she premiered LOUNGE at TanzTage, a lesbian lap dance duet. Last year together with Camila Malenchini, she premiered Wet Eyez, a work on emotional bodies and fantasy. She has worked with choreographers Tamara Alegre, Antonja Livingstone, architect Afaina de Jong, among others. She is active in the portuguese Ballroom scene as a founding member of the Casa das Musas. Graduated from HZT’s BA in dance and choreography in Berlin (2017-21). Together with her collaborator Camila Malenchini, they are developing a new work on horror, paralysis, womanhood and myth to premier in 2024.

a guttering + MWF Talks

Dates and time:
SATURDAY 7/9 17.00 - 19.00


MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

a guttering

a guttering investigates encounters around the dinner table in order to nurture queer community and our interdependence. The title is a word play on ‘gathering’, ‘gut’ and ‘gutter’. The work is exploring and exploding the format of a dinner and its making. In this gathering, community meets fermentation meets queer meets somatic meets access needs meets food sovereignty meets working condition meets social choreographies meets decolonial practices meets storytelling. a guttering is founded in participatory practices and during My Wild Flag it will manifest as a collective food preparation and a shared dinner. The group works to uplift visibility of labour behind food production and the resources need it, by subverting traditional methods and values of the dinner table, in order to seed awareness

MWF Talks

During a guttering My Wild Flag invites you to also take part on a MWF Talks, on artists run spaces, invited guest TBA

Sal Reis Trouxa

Sal Reis Trouxa is a plant-based chef working with sustainability, zero-waste and fermentation. They are especially interested in the politics and social aspects around food and culture. Growing up in a self-sustaining community made by their grandparents in rural Portugal, Sal’s roots continuously inspire them to work with food both as a necessity and as a point of connection and togetherness. In the recent years they have worked as an assistant cook for artist Mirna Bamieh in her project Palestine Hosting Society and choreographer Samah Hijawi. Whilst working professionally as a chef, they have also done catering for multiple artist projects and festivals. Meanwhile they are developing their own ferments from grains sustainably produced in Scandinavia.

Sarasvati Shrestha

Sarasvati Shrestha works interdisciplinary with art, cultivation, ecology, public education and knowledge sharing. With inspiration from queer, eco-feminist, decolonial practices and social movements, I move freely between material, expressions and objects in search of new ways of gathering to build communities for a more resilient society founded in the caring for the ecosystems that upholds us. Through intermedial works, sculptures, gardens and farm work, installations, culinary experiences, social and performative practices, the work is often driven by issues around value systems, food, speculative design, health and often moves on the border between nature and culture. With cultivation as a basis, in the last 5 years I have developed collaborations with artists both nationally and internationally, including Paloma Madrid, Cecilia Germain, aghili/karlsson, Hara Alonso, Michelle Eistrup, Munish Wuadhia, Kayo Mpoyi, Salad Hilowle, Ar Utke Ács and others. Through the practice of farming, dialogues around place and meaning of a queer, global majority body connected to the land and territories have been a present theme, where questions around land, food, ownership, responsibility, geopolitical conflicts and migration have been able to take place.

Ar Utke Ács

Ar Utke Ács is working as an artist within contemporary dance and an expanded understanding of choreography. They work with the poetics and politics of the body in the seams of performance, dramaturgy, text, installation, the social and the imaginary. Ar Utke Ács working with discourse in proximity with their artistic production, in particular, they are busy with counter- hegemonic strategies from queer and crip writing and lived experience. Collaborative and collective processes builds the core of their body of work and Ar Utke Ács often works across different fields and mediums of art and research. Throughout the past years, they have created a series of works focusing on affect landscapes and subversive poetics of positioning oneself non-verbally, including their first major performance production echoes. They are currently working on Thrash Mob, a commission for ESC Youth Company, which deals with social choreographies and alternative Dance History. Furthermore they are currently working on the first piece of their unapparent trilogy which will premiere in 2025 co-produced by MDT (SE) and Dansehallerne (DK).

Ar Utke Ács is a part of the queer art club collective fake daughter, which has organized queer art gatherings since 2019, as well as the studio cooperatives Dance Cooperative in Copenhagen and höjden studios in Stockholm.